Astrology &
Attachment Styles

Master Your Attachment System with Astrology

Discover Your Patterns &
Empower Your Relationships

Are you seeking deeper insights into your

emotional patterns and relationships?

Take control of your attachment style

and revolutionize your life

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Sale Price: $67

What's Included?

7 hours of video

+ Breaking Down Attachment Styes
+ Going through each sign
+ giving you concrete practices to get secure

* A Gorgeous booklet *

+ packed with exercises and Bonuses!

In this course you will

~ Discover the unique attachment style tendencies of each astrological sign.

~ Spot triggers for insecure attachments within each zodiac sign.

~ Learn how anxious and avoidance attachment styles express in every sign.

~ Identify secure attachment expressions for every sign.

~ Gain strategies to shift from insecure to secure attachments based on your zodiac.

~ Access practical tools tailored to your sign for regulating attachment activation.

~ Explore how your birth chart influences your attachment style.

~ Learn customized activities to align your sign on your journey towards secure attachment.

Course Designed to
Empower & align

With Expert Guidance: Every module is infused with the wisdom and expertise of Maraya Karena and Arakai Moon, guiding you gently yet powerfully on your path of self-discovery and transformation.

“We offer A Holistic Approach: encompassing a 360-degree view,
bridging the gap between your internal desires, external relationships,
and the universal forces of your astrological signs.”

Includes Course Booklet
Packed with exercises & BONUS Info

Explore the Astrological Blueprint
of Your Attachment Styles

Crack the Code of your Attachment Style

And Get the Insight You Need

At the Intersection of Astrology + Attachment Theory

Don’t wait to change your quality of life.

Let the stars illuminate your path towards

deeper self-understanding and healthier relationships.

Tap into the transformative power of evolutionary astrology.

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