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Attachment Styles

Master Your Attachment System with Astrology

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Empower Your Relationships

Are you seeking deeper insights into your

emotional patterns and relationships?

Take control of your attachment style

and revolutionize your life

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What’s Included?

7 hours of video

+ Breaking Down Attachment Styes
+ Going through each sign
+ giving you concrete practices to get secure

* A Gorgeous booklet *

+ packed with exercises and Bonuses!

In this course you will

~ Discover the unique attachment style tendencies of each astrological sign.

~ Spot triggers for insecure attachments within each zodiac sign.

~ Learn how anxious and avoidance attachment styles express in every sign.

~ Identify secure attachment expressions for every sign.

~ Gain strategies to shift from insecure to secure attachments based on your zodiac.

~ Access practical tools tailored to your sign for regulating attachment activation.

~ Explore how your birth chart influences your attachment style.

~ Learn customized activities to align your sign on your journey towards secure attachment.

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Course Designed to
Empower & align

With Expert Guidance: Every module is infused with the wisdom and expertise of Maraya Karena and Arakai Moon, guiding you gently yet powerfully on your path of self-discovery and transformation.

“We offer A Holistic Approach: encompassing a 360-degree view,
bridging the gap between your internal desires, external relationships,
and the universal forces of your astrological signs.”

“Not your average Astrologers, Maraya Karena & Arakai Moon weave the letters written by the stars with their own unique intimate experience of life, resulting in a fascinating
analysis of this esoteric tradition. With their deep reverence toward the primordial relationship between heaven and earth and deep irreverence towards paradigms that keep us all stuck
in disharmony, these two warriors embody this aphorisme by Nietzsche: ‘As long as you still experience the stars as something ‘above you’, you lack the eyes of knowledge'”
I’m trying to learn more about astrology and this course really did it for me. It digs really deep, but the information is broken down in ways even a newbie will understand. I really like that and have found that’s a rare thing. Can’t wait to continue learning with these two!
This course is a game-changer!!! – it was as if I was finally given a map to navigate the maze of my personal relationships and understand my own reactions and desires. Since completing the course, I’ve noticed a massive shift in my relationships. I’m more aware, more patient, and most importantly, more compassionate towards myself and others. I cannot recommend this course enough!”

Includes Course Booklet
Packed with exercises & BONUS Info

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Explore the Astrological Blueprint
of Your Attachment Styles

Crack the Code of your Attachment Style

And Get the Insight You Need

At the Intersection of Astrology + Attachment Theory

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