The LIttle Book of

Navigating Your
Attachment System
with Astrology

Map Your Desire Template,

Understand your Triggers &

Apply the Magic of Astrology

In this Book
you will Learn

  • WHY you get triggered
  • WHEN you get triggered
  • HOW you respond when triggered
  • WHAT to do when you are triggered


You can choose either audio book, e-book or both

this breakthrough book
cracks the code on
attachement & astrology

Our relationships and attachments create the framework for our lives, yet it’s often a challenge to understand our reactions and behaviors.


This book empowers you with the wisdom of Evolutionary Astrology, providing an enlightening perspective on the behavioral patterns influenced by the South Node of the Moon, its Ruler, and the Moon placement. The knowledge you gain from this compelling exploration of astrology provides a powerful lens through which you can understand your reactions and emotions when they are activated.


As you journey through this book, you will:

  1. Uncover your North Node and how it can offer medicinal balance to your South Node habits.
  2. Understand the role of your Pluto, and how it governs your deepest desires and fears.
  3. Learn about the ‘skipped steps’ in your astrological chart, and how these affect your personal growth.
  4. Discover how to manage the pain body of your Pluto, bringing healing and integration.


Let the cosmos guide you to self-understanding and growth, helping you navigate the complexities of relationships and attachments. Regardless of your astrological knowledge, this book is designed to be an enlightening resource for everyone. Embark on this transformative journey today, and reclaim the power of your stars!

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