Black Moon Lilith

A Deep dive into the dynamics of her

Are you curious about the hidden patterns in your life?
Do you find yourself grappling with questions about your own power and purpose?
Black Moon Lilith holds the key to unlocking the secrets of your shadow self.

By shining a light on the areas where you have felt shamed and degraded,
Lilith allows you to transform that pain into a place of clarity and empowerment.


Join us on this path of self-discovery and unlock the magic within you.

In this course you will

  • Uncover the profound history & mythology of Black Moon Lilith.

  • Learn how it has evolved over time and across different cultures.

  • Gain a nuanced, multi-layered understanding of the archetype.

  • Explore an in-depth analysis of Lilith’s placement in all 12 astrological signs and houses, and how it influences your life.

  • PLUS: Exercises and practices to help you work with your Lilith shadow, and integrate its energy into your daily life


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This course is designed to help you unlock
the power of Lilith and transform your life.
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