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Astrology is an ancient method that uses the language of archetypes to gain greater understanding of ourselves and our times.
We are embedded within larger cycles. Nested within cosmologies of infinite scale. There is a potent and palpable texture to each moment. There is massive potential energy available to us when we bring awareness to the universe within.
We use astrology as a guide to unfold our internal conflicts, patterns and desires. Readings are a way to contextualize ourselves within the celestial moment. To collaborate with the energetic environment, enhance our ability to be effective in our actions and choose how to follow ourselves.

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About Maraya

Maraya Karena is a Writer, Counselor and Consciousness Researcher based in Portland, Oregon. Like you, she is a multi-dimensional being learning to navigate 3D and make the reality we share more reflective of who we truly are.

“My passion is to study consciousness itself. To develop tools and models that support us to navigate everyday life. To find the pulsing, living heart of this life journey. And to engage with it fully and completely.”

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